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Gain insights on industry trends, news at D.R. Joseph, and useful tech tips.  Below is a collection of past newsletters from DRJ.

What Will You Know Tomorrow? – June 2015

Learning new things for tomorrows challenges and improving profitability of existing machinery is the theme of the 15th volume of Blown Film Internals.  Take a glimpse at the new DRJ Lab and all it has to offer in training as well as R&D – critical components in preparedness for new challenges in the industry.  This volume also showcases  new solutions that accommodate advancement in blown film control – from giant geo membrane lines, to small lab scale lines, DRJ is offering new tech to refine control and operation of the latest (and oldest) blown film lines.

Time Flies – August 2013

Three years since our last newsletter, we moved, introduced two significant IBC product versions, and begun building a blown film R&D lab. Review our latest features including geomembrane support, and a new Kundig FE8 low cost width measurement solution fully integrated into the 3GIBC1 and LF-Sizer products. Read also about how to self-service 8 bit IBC controllers now that these devices are at end of life.

Lean, Fast and Strong – May 2010

Introduction of our completely redesigned 3G IBC system with automatic valve calibration, 100% touch screen operation for all models and a new economy version. There are feature articles about our LF-Sizer controller for nonIBC dies, and the patented Seal-Cut. The tech tip tells how to reduce reclaim residue, a real problem causing reduced IBC performance.

Staying in the Game – September 2007

Tips on staying competitive and successful in a global market like how to save money by eliminating “Runaway Resin”, staying on top of trends like trimless sheeting and introducing a training program to your company.

NPE 2006 – May 2006

What’s new with the products that D. R. Joseph, Inc. will be showing at NPE 2006. Plus tips on how to achieve high quality seals on your products and improving the operation of your extrusion line.

Happy Holidays – December 2005

Read up on how the new collaboration with Kundig International, about our new Customer Care department, and about Daniel Joseph’s appearance on Heartbeat of America.

New Ideas – May 2004

Staying competitive by innovating. Learn about new technology for our latest product, the Seal Cut, our new service program PASS and how new super large sizing cages support big bubbles.

NPE 2003 – June 2003

See what D. R. Joseph will be showing at the NPE 2003 show, like our latest product, the Seal Cut.

What Sets Us Apart – August 2002

Learn why D. R. Joseph, Inc is an industry leader and how we are improving customer service by offering local support worldwide and breaking the language barrier.

Here to Help – December 2001

Read about how D. R. Joseph is working hard on bubble instability issues.

Beat the Rush – June 2001

Tips on preparing for down times by making purchase to aid in productivity and efficiency now. Learn the importance of chilled water and proper pneumatic settings for optimum success of your blown film line.

Budget Time – November 2000

Learn how purchasing a D. R. Joseph’s IBC system will not only efficiently produce quality products at a profit, but will also pay itself off in a matter of months

NPE 2000 – May 2000

This year at NPE, we will be showing a hands-on demonstration of the IS-IBC1 Internal Bubble Cooling Control System. Also, read up on tips for proper IBC sensor placement.

New Millennium Technology – October 1999

Read about the new technologies D. R. Joseph will release at the turn of the millennium, our new collaboration with Kundig International and whether vector drives are necessary for IBC systems.

The Value of New Technology – October 1998

This issue deals with the importance of new technologies and what to look for to assure a new technology is valid.

Making It Easier – May 1998

See how D. R. Joseph is making IBC Control easier to use by implementing technologies like color touchscreens, hand-held setup units and PC based Viewer programs.

What’s New? – October 1997

Read about D. R. Joseph’s experience at this year’s NPE show along with information on our latest product, the LFC1 Layflat Controller. Also learn about how Automatic Blower Balance helps to bring lines up with greater ease.

First Issue – April 1997

This is the first issue of “Blown Film Internals”, D. R. Joseph’s newsletter. See what we’ll be showing at NPE 1997 and learn how to increase production without sacrificing layflat variation.