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High Performance Chilled Air Solutions : Blown Film Cooler

A quality blown film cooler is an important component in achieving the highest possible production rate from an internal bubble cooling (IBC) system. The inlet or supply air from the IBC supply blower passes through the direct air chiller and is cooled to the temperature established by the unit. The stand alone solution from Eurochiller is easy to install, does not require plant chilled water supply, and maintains air temperature to a very fine tolerance. By chilling the inlet air temperature going to the IBC and air ring, an increase in production rate of 15-25% can be achieved when compared to using air that is at the ambient plant temperature. This benefit has added importance when the production occurs in climates where the ambient temperature varies a significant amount or where the summertime temperatures are very hot. As the North American rep for Eurochiller, DRJ supplies and sizes 2 excellent solutions for direct air chilling:

The ABFevo is a dynamic blown film cooler that uses the direct expansion of gas and an inverter controlled compressor to regulate the temperature of process air.

The inverter is able to increase or decrease the flow rate of refrigerant which helps to regulate the cooling of the process air. The two way temperature control of the inverter is assisted by an electric hot gas bypass valve. This enables a PID loop that boasts a +/- 0.2°F (0.1°C) tolerance.

The ABFevo has integration options and a 7” touchscreen control. This allows alarm monitoring of air and condensing water temperatures, as well as a differential pressure sensor that can sense a clogged filter. Filters are located for easy access.

The ABFevo is a chiller solution for customers who want to improve gauge variation and control by eliminating variance in cooling temperature as a factor.• (+/-) 0.20°F/0.1°C temperature variation.

• Improved energy efficiency (55% reduction over chiller + coil)
• Inverter control of condenser unit (reaches set point quicker)
• Drip separator for moisture control
• 7” color touch screen interface
• ABF Due for separate temp. control (i.e. IBC & air ring)
• Cools air directly (energy savings) – no cooling coil necessary
• Product line airflow ranges: 470 – 5,885 CFM (800-10,000 M³/Hr)

Blown Film Cooler - Direct Air, Stand Alone Solution

blown film chiller direct air
blown film chiller air plus

Air+ Direct Air Cooling

Stand-Alone Direct Air Cooling (no chilled water requirement) for ultra-precise temperature control throughout the year.

  •  (+/-) 0.18°F (0.1°C) temperature variation
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Washable air filter with large surface
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Drip separator for moisture control
  • Small footprint for tight installations
  • Airflow cooling ranges: 176 – 4,414 CFM
Air Mix Kit

Air Mix Kit - Free Cooling

Compatible Add-On to the ABF and Air+ Chillers. The Air Mix Kit (AMK) system will utilize the naturally chilled outside air, when available, to reduce the work load of the direct air chiller systems.

  • Energy Cost Reductions with Free Cooling
  • Reduce the work-load of the chiller compressor units
  • Precision temperature control is maintained with the AMK integration to the main chilling system

Learn more about Eurochiller Blown Film Cooler solutions in this video here.