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With over 30 years of experience, We are here to help you find Solutions… Not Just Answers in the blown film extrusion industry.  Learn more about D.R. Joseph and what we do with this quick video: About D.R. Joseph

Internal Bubble Cooling

TDK-500 Automatic Air Ring with InstaGauge™ Control System


Unique Upper Lip Air Modulation for fast, precise gauge control


Flatter Film, Less Waste, Improved Processability


Mechanical innovations for improved ease of use, maintenance and set-up. A more approachable automatic air ring!

Internal Bubble Cooling - A powerful upgrade for high speed, precision IBC control, packed with automated features

IBC Made Easy

Minimal Operator Training

Smart IBC

A Performance Boost for Blown Film Lines. Automate the Tough Jobs

Track Record and Reputation

World Leader in IBC Control

Solve: Poor internal bubble cooling control, low production rates, width variation, lack of skilled operators

IBC Control
Blown Film Solutions
ibc control system
Smart IBC
trimless roll film
IBC Controller HMI and bubble
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Auto-width control for lines without IBC. Reduce trim & downtime, increase profitability & reliability​

The video to the right demonstrates how we achieve width control in a precise and reliable manner for all nonIBC lines.

bubble controller

Solve: Line Downtime on nonIBC Blown Film Lines, Width Control, Scrap Production

bubble sizer

Machine Direction Sealing - Superior solution to the slit seal for reliable & strong MD film sealing

side seal system

Solve: Film seal failure, unreliable sealing, rough seal edges, sealed roll geometry, seal process speed

Radial sizing cages for superior bubble stability & mark-free holding power

radial bubble cage

Solve: Poor bubble stability, scratched film, constant roller maintenance

sizing cage

Air chilling solutions: Efficient cooling coils & direct air chilling solutions

Chill Process Air to 40°F / 4.5°c

Increase Production with Cooler Air, Improve Film Clarity, Dehumidify Air

Temperature Control to +/- 0.2°F

Control Process Air Precisely for Improved Bubble Control

Energy Efficiency

Inverter Controlled Compressor for 50% Improved Energy Efficiency

Solve: Low cooling rates, film clarity issues, cooling energy efficiency, aging chiller systems

Eurochiller ABF
Cooling Coil
Air Chiller Blown Film
Eurochiller ABF
Cooling Coil Eurochiller XSM
Air Chiller XSM
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