D.R. Joseph, Inc

Variable Speed Drives (Inverters)

Variable speed drives allow the operation of any IBC system to be more user friendly and much more efficient when compared to systems using manual damper valves and fixed speed blowers. The precise control allows operators to make fine adjustments that are nearly impossible using damper valves. The fine adjustments can mean the difference between a stable bubble and an unstable one. However, there are several considerations that should be investigated before selecting the drive.

Not all drives are created equal.

There is a variety of features available that may or may not be necessary for the IBC application. In this case, the general application is a fan. This most commonly calls for a general purpose, variable torque drive, with linear ramping, coast to stop, and at least one configurable dry contact used to report drive status. Other features, including interface protocols are also available at extra costs.

An excellent choice for variable speed drives is the Yaskawa GA500 and GA800 drive.  DRJ can provide the drive, preprogrammed for integration with the DRJ ISIBC1 IBC Control System.  Some salient features are: