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From day one, D.R. Joseph has had a history and culture of innovation.  We constantly strive to deliver the most reliable, powerful and well developed system to our customers.  Much of what we do is customer driven, with the goal of finding solutions to real problems on the shop floor. 

Below you can keep up to date with system upgrades, new developments, product announcements and company news.

Upgrade Corner

Find information on the latest upgrades and Hop-Ups to DRJ Systems.

News Updates

Keep Up to Date with product development, exhibition announcements, company news and new offerings

News Updates

Upgrade Corner

New Auto Layflat Calibration – Automatic Layflat Calibration is a new feature using a flat width bar to measure and correct for film stretch / shrinkage while also facilitating layflat calibration for DRJ Layflat Control Systems.

New eSn Layflat Sensors – The new eSn layflat sensors provide 50% more range and 20% less cost!

New Neck Height Control – Automatic Neck Height Control for HDPE / MDPE High Stalk Bubbles for improved / consistent film properties and production.

New Digital Ultrasonic Sensors – More power, easy to install and compatible with all systems. Click here to see the progression of bubble sensing systems provided by DRJ

WinIBC Viewer – WinIBC allows a remote control point for the new 3rd Generation IBC and LF-Sizer systems

New 32 Bit Processor – Many improvements over the old processor yet is designed to quickly upgrade any previous system. 

PA340 Proportional Valve – 30% faster than the 2nd Generation BBH-series, provides easier startups, and is less expensive than the BBH series valves.

8 inch hmi IBC control system

Color Touch Screen – New TFT technology provides the widest viewing angle possible with a brighter screen, double the memory and faster screen refresh time. Newly improved with the ability to switch between 5 different languages. Screens come in sizes: 6 inch(152mm) and 8 inch(203mm)

Automatic Blower Balance – Eliminates need for operators to balance or null blowers prior to every startup of the line. The system also automatically rebalances the blowers if needed.

Layflat Control – Adds a second control loop to the IBC system that reduces the time to achieve a desired layflat, with or without guessing.

Automatic Cage Control – Adds the ability for the system to automatically position the cage diameter to the correct size to produce the desired layflat