D.R. Joseph, Inc

Pressure Blowers for Internal Bubble Cooling

For an internal bubble cooling (IBC) control system to function, there has to be forced movement of cold air into the bubble and hot air out of the bubble. This is done with high pressure blowers like the one shown. 

For maximum possible air exchange rate the blowers must be properly sized based on the physical dimensions of the air flow passageways, the die diameter, and the maximum required volume. If the IBC blowers are not sized properly, loss in potential production rate will be the result.

D.R. Joseph Offers NY Blower Pressure Blowers for blown film applications.  Part of the value of working with DRJ for your blown film blower applications is our in house Air Flow Load Anaylsis that we perform to precisely calculate the required airflow, pressure and HP rating required for your application’s best performance.

NY Blowers utilize robust components, and are built to last and perform in the demanding environment of a blown film plant.