D.R. Joseph, Inc


Our motto really says why we are in business. To provide our customers with solutions… not just answers. Blown Film Solutions: It sounds simple, but it requires a certain diligence to see a customer’s problem all the way from onset to solution. Our employees and our service people have that diligence. Our company has been developing solutions for the blown film industry since 1987 and we feel our success is measured in our customer’s success.

“…though it costs all you have, get understanding.” That is the driving principle that pushes us to find the solutions. We continue to work on a problem until we understand it. Once the problem is understood, corrective action is possible.

Our company maintains standard working hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, yet we cover the entire globe of time zones with remote office sites, remote access software tools, email, and cell phones. We use a network of technicians in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, India, and Indonesia to provide technical support for our customers.

D.R. Joseph, Inc.

We have developed an assortment of training materials and self-diagnosis tools for those more experienced with process control systems. We work to make sure every DR Joseph product will integrate with our existing equipment. Every upgrade has to be an easy retrofit.

Our offices are located centrally in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Dallas/Fort Worth. Our offices are only 25 minutes away from the DFW international airport and the airport provides many non-stop flights to all areas of the world. Hotels, restaurants, professional sports teams, and golf courses make this area a very enjoyable visit.

Our training facility allows us to demonstrate equipment setup, how it is supposed to work, and how to service and repair it. We also provide training on the blown film process to ensure that technicians understand the environment in which they will be working.

We look forward to providing your company with a solution to a nagging bubble instability, low production rate, or excessive scrap rate problem. That’s our specialty!

System Solutions Sold

… and counting.  When it comes to Blown Film Control and Cooling, nobody does it better than D.R. Joseph!

"Running great on 260” layflat at 8 mil on our 66” Die - holding rock steady. After running many IBC systems over the last 30+ years I can honestly say DR Joseph builds the most #reliable, #accurate and #robust #IBC system in the World. We run everything from 1:1-5:1 BUR from 0.35-100 mil and your system handles them all. Thank you for what you do everyday and for all the hard work that has made DR Joseph the company you are today."