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D. R. Joseph, Inc. provides the blown film industry with the latest in high "value added" technologies. Since 1989, DRJ has established industry standards in internal bubble cooling (IBC) control, width control, and machine direction sealing technologies and continues to develop innovations that make our customers more competitive and more profitable.

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Preventing Production Rate Losses from Clogged IBC Air Flow Paths
Clogged IBC pipes or ducting significantly reduce production rate and width control performance. As film producers use multi-layer structures to encapsulate reclaim resin, the need to clean die pipes and IBC exhaust ducting needs to be checked no less than every 6 months. For those running six days per week, the residue will accumulate even quicker.
It took only six months to block 40% of the flow area in this exhaust duct. This was a HDPE resin. In some cases, increasing the IBC chilled air temperature will reduce this effect.
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Clogged IBC outlet pipes prevent the IBC from removing air from the bubble. Chronic problems with the bubble overblowing result. This problem will rob you of 10-20% in production rate. Click here for in-depth article on this subject.


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