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Digisonic IBC to DRJ IS-IBC System Upgrade

There are many reasons to upgrade a dated control system: System end of life, end of support, discontinuation of spare parts and obsolete technology.  Arguably more importantly, implementing advanced automated systems with state-of-the-art control nets a higher profit for blown film producers.  We have a solution to those who face this issue with Digisonic IBC systems.

If your Digisonic system is faulty, or you cannot get spare parts / support, we have the solution for you.

IBC upgrade digisonic

The leading causes for moving from Digisonic to DRJ IBC Control are listed below:

A leading motivator for the IBC upgrade is the products End of Life. To continue using the product beyond end of life requires a large stock of spare parts, and often turning to used parts on the open market without any warranty or instructions. It is costly in the long run.

Finding support for dated systems is difficult, or often no longer available from the OEM. At best, operators can be directed to self-support documents. Further, finding operators or maintenance who are familiar with dated systems becomes difficult as time passes, and training resources are hard to come by.

Old hardware cannot meet the demands of current day production: width tolerances are not as tight, and control starts to lag at elevated cooling exchange rates. Automated features and trending are not possible with dated technology.

When the time does come that the unsupported system is unrepairable, line down time is inevitable while a new solution is being sourced. Unplanned downtime causes a major loss in revenue and late deliveries.

Costs related to stocking old spare parts, low performance, downtime, and hiring specialists who can work on older equipment often quickly eclipse the cost of investing in new technology.

How to Upgrade

D.R. Joseph is the leading specialist in IBC system upgrades.  We have upgraded hundreds of Digisonic systems, and often customers report a 10-15% increase in production due to holding tighter width control while increasing the IBC cooling exchange.

To get started, simply give us a call or email.  We can start with the die size and work with you from there to put together an upgrade proposal that includes everything you will need, in one stop. Contact Us.

How About the Gloucester Bubble Cage?

gloucester digisonic ibc

Digisonic systems were often supplied with the old Gloucester cage.  Segmented Teflon rollers represent old technology that is no longer used, and cause marks and scratches on film when they clog with residue.  Without constant maintenance, they can even create pinch holes in film and cause layflat issues. As such, most operators run the bubble off of the cage.  An unsupported bubble is much more difficult to control, especially at elevated extrusion rates.


D.R. Joseph also provides bubble cage upgrades.  The latest radial style cages provide a soft and yet secure contact point against the film.  Radial actuation improves support at all layflat widths, and improves IBC control.  Protected ball bearings and silicone sleeves mean no particular maintenance is necessary. To learn more, click Here.