D.R. Joseph, Inc

New 32-Bit Processor

D.R. Joseph, Inc. would like to introduce an entirely new platform IS-IBC1 system which uses a new 32 bit processor. The new processor has many new over the previous model yet it is designed to quickly upgrade our older units.

Operators are immediately proficient with the new controller. The new open architecture allows for easy integration and over-the-wire firmware and software updates. There is also plenty of room for new features that are developed. All new IS-IBC1 systems come complete with the new processor.

Here are are some of the things improved over our previous systems:

  • Completely new control algorithms for the IBC and the automatic blower balance means higher production rates and smoother startups. This results in tighter layflat control and more efficient startups.
  • New processor is 100 times faster than the old unit, so there is no chance of over burdening the controller with communication tasks.
  • All sensors now communicate serially with the IBC system (this is in addition to the range signal received via analog means) which means two things:
  1. Any sensor faults are automatically processed and reported. If the fault can be corrected by the controller the sensor is automatically put back online. If it is not possible to fix the problem, the sensor will be taken off line. Optionally, you can install up to 4 IBC sensors. This gives a level of backup and a good method of averaging a bubble that may not be held properly by the sizing cage.
  2. A technician (using the IBC Viewer program) can drill down to any sensor and monitor target position, ambient temperature, target strength and any reported faults.
  • New Flash Memory means program changes do not require a visit from DRJ. Either by modem or Ethernet we can download a new operating system or application software in a matter of minutes.
  • New standard modem is now 56k modem instead of the old standard 1.2k modem on the older systems. This results in faster download of data to diagnose your system.
  • New Ethernet access means easy integration with OEM equipment and with end-user equipment used to monitor the IBC system. There is optional laptop software that includes an Ethernet interface. With a single VPN or WAN connection the end user can monitor and manage every system in their facility.
  • Optional level II, unmanaged, five port Ethernet switch which allows simultaneous connections to OEM equipment, end user’s LAN or WAN, the IBC system a camera (cameras must be supplied by end-user) and still have an open port for a local technician to connect his laptop.
  • The unit comes with a spare RS232 Port which can be used to communicate via Modbus Master or optional Modbus Slave protocol.