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blown film QC lab

The DRJ Blown Film Lab is a versatile training and R&D environment, which houses a 3 layer and mono-layer blown film line, accompanied by a variety of state of the art quality assurance equipment. DRJ offers the lab space and equipment for rent to customers and also for hosting conferences and seminars. As a seminar venue, the lab can comfortably seat 20 attendees. As an instruction aide, the lab scale 3 layer blown film line provides an excellent hands on tool to accompany presentations. For presentations, a projector and pull down screen are available, as well as audio for video presentations.

DRJ Blown Film Lab and Seminar Center

coex blown film line
blown film line with width control

Seminars for blown film and maintenance functions are available 1-2 times per year taught by industry specialists. All of our seminars include lunch each day which takes place in our outdoor break area shown below. We also have a challenging professionally built putting green for attendees to use (equipment provided) during lunch.

extrusion seminar break area

Interested in attending a seminar?  Check out our scheduled events.  Or, contact us for information on renting the lab or having film testing performed at DRJ Labs

Available DRJ Lab QC Equipment:

Tensile Peel Tester
Tensile Peel Tester
Leak and Seal Strength
Leak & Seal Strength Burst Tester
Portable Spectrophotometer
Spectrophotometer Color Tester
Kundig Scrolling Banner Image
Kundig FilmTest 3G Gauge Measurement
Haze-Gard Plus
Light Transmission
Elmendorf Tear Tester
Elmendorf Tear Tester
Drop Dart Impact
Dart Drop Impact Tester
Coefficient of Friction
Coefficient of Friction Tester
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