D.R. Joseph, Inc

TDK-500 Auto Gauge Air Ring

Gauge Variation: Solved

Flatter Film, Less Waste, Improved Processability

The TDK-500 Air Ring provides a reliable and effective solution for controlling transverse direction film thickness, ensuring a uniform film gauge on blown film extrusion lines. Up to a 50% improvement in gauge uniformity is possible with the TDK-500.

By using secondary lip air modulation where the velocity changes are more effective, the TDK-500 improves on the implementation of airflow modulation for gauge control, leading to a quicker reaction time. Drawing from 30+ years of experience & data collection in airflow analysis, the internal flow channels and gates are designed to minimize pressure drop and avoid turbulent airflow to efficiently make control changes without disturbing bubble stability.

With an auto-tuned control algorithm, the TDK is always optmized for the best control considering the specific product width and product gauge.

Easy Adjust Lower Lip

Because setting up an air ring should be easy, the lower lip adjustment has been redesigned. The TDK-500 features a single adjustment point with a reference lever to adjust the lower lip, as shown to the left.

The benefit with the easy adjust lever is that there is now a reference point for the lower lip setting, facilitating start-up by providing a setting that can be recorded and repeated for various jobs and SOP. There is no guess work involving the current set point for the lower lip.

Control Zones:

Range from 60 – 96 zones, depending on die size.

Supporting die sizes from 6 – 32″ (152 – 813mm).

BUR from 1.2:1 to 4:1

Inline Gauge Measurement

Kundig K-500 Rotomat KT Thickness Gauge

The K-500 Rotomat KT is a new, completely redesigned thickness gauge for blown film lines.

Rapid and accurate measurement of film thickness allows the film production process to be tightly controlled. This results in an enhanced film quality that is maintained during the entire production process. Optimizing film thickness profiles contributes to material savings. In addition, material waste during product changes is reduced.

The capacitive thickness sensor of the K-500 is protected by a cover made from sintered ceramic with a very smooth surface. That allows an extremely low wear measurement of film thickness, even though the K-500 is constantly in contact with the film.

The Rotomat KT in the third generation comes with a virtual data processor as a standard. The VDP Process runs in the background of a Windows PC, similar to a driver of a printer. This Win32 application forms the interface between the control system of the line and the thickness gauge.

Non contact thickness gauges are also available for sticky or touch sensitive films. Additionally, Kundig offers the K-XRAY measurement head using electrically generated X-ray to measure gauge for barrier films.