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It's a constant challenge managing mission-critical operations evolving and growing at a rapid pace. In an environment like this, you need more than just good technology. An expert partner can provide important, even essential help.

At D.R. Joseph, we want to keep your blown film lines running at their optimum capacity in order to keep your production and profit high. Our highly experienced technicians can provide you with a wide variety of consulting and maintenance services to ensure your success. It is our objective to keep your competitive progress steady and not going in circles.

Keeping Your Competitive Progress Steady and Not Going in Circles


Every day you rely on your film extrusion machines to produce the products critical for business success. Because it is your job to make sure your machines run smoothly, you select the very best products. D.R. Joseph's PASS program is essential to making the most of your investment in our products. This program gives you the technical support that is necessary to make sure your IS-IBC1 is installed and working properly and also provides a variety of other services that are valuable throughout the life of your system. PASS offers the choice of a self-support KnowledgeBase and a Connect Package to meet your technical support needs.

PASS KnowledgeBase

Self-Support, Anytime, Anywhere

Answers to your product questions are a few clicks away at the online KnowledgeBase. This online resource consists of a searchable, intelligent knowledgebase of technical solutions and links to a variety of technical documents such as product FAQs, manuals and service procedures. The KnowledgeBase also allows users to submit questions by e-mail if their answer is not found in the KnowledgeBase's technical resources.


KnowledgeBase Features

PASS Quick Guide

Online KnowledgeBase
Email Query Submission
Subscription to Blown Film Internals
Telephone Access
During Business Hours*
Direct Connect Acess (via VPN or TeamViewer)
During Business Hours*
After Hours Access
Email summary report
Software Updates
Discounts on Unattended Monitoring Software
Discounts (Spare Parts, Onsite Service, System Upgrades, and PASS renewals)
8:30am-5:00pm CST
** After hours service available for emergency assistance

PASS Connect

Essential Product Help

Our experienced technical support staff is just a phone call away, assuring you of a solution, not just an answer to your support questions during business hours. PASS Connect can be purchased for all IBC Systems on an annual basis. Lines covered in this package will qualify for the following features:

Connect Features

PASS Pre-Paid Hours

Prepaid hours can be purchased to make sure you will receive technical support when you need it the most. Prepaid hours are applicable to any line in your plant and can be used for any technical phone support during normal business hours (8:30-5:00 CST). There is no expiration date for prepaid hours so they can transfer from year to year (no refunds available for hours not used during a calendar year). There are no discounts provided with the purchase of prepaid hours.


Prepaid hours can be purchased in advance or at the time of service.

Unattended Monitoring


Unattended monitoring is a useful tool for measuring long term system performance, detecting intermittent failures, and monitoring operational procedures for each shift. Unattended monitoring can be connected either through the modem or internet. Unattended monitoring is not part of Pass Connect but can be ordered separately. Some of the features include:



After monitoring is completed, a summary report will be provided along with a .csv file that can be imported into an excel file and further analyzed.

Order Information


To order PASS for your D.R. Joseph Products:




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