D. R. Joseph, Inc. Ships 1,000th Internal Bubble Cooling Control System!

December 2011 marks the shipment of our 1,000th Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) control system to the blown film extrusion industry. One thousand in today's 10 million per quarter sales levels for Apple's iPad does not seem like much, but when you consider the patented Internal Bubble Cooling control systems built by D. R. Joseph, Inc. are made to order, hand assembled, fully tested, checked and double checked before each system is carefully packed and shipped, you get the idea that the process is slow and precise. It has to be this way because the Internal Bubble Cooling control is one of the most demanding systems in the blown film extrusion process. There is very little room for error. If the system fails to properly control the blown film bubble for as little as 300 milliseconds, the product can go out of specification.

We don't scrimp in any area of the system; each system is assembled from high performance parts made in North America. While high performance parts don't guarantee success, combining those parts with state of the art software and dedicated people who see to it that everything is working properly, ensures reliability is maintained even in the worst conditions. That is why each unit spends no less than 24 hours in testing to ensure our customer's experience with the product is without disappointment. We are thankful that the industry has had confidence in us for these last 23 years. We know it takes customers who believe in us and our products to keep moving forward.

We continue to commit to producing the highest quality products and to continue innovating for our industry. These are difficult and expensive commitments to make, but we believe it is the core of our motto, "When you need solutions... not just answers®" and the key to our customer's success.

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