D. R. Joseph Receives Another U.S. & Canada Patent for Blown Film

The layflat control feature, designed and developed by Daniel R. Joseph and a key component of the IS-IBC1, and LF-Sizer nonIBC control systems, was recently patented. The layflat control feature provides our customers with added accuracy in blown film layflat control width for both short and long term conditions. This technology helps compensate for a variety of process issues that often are impossible to eliminate. For instance, on systems oscillating dies, the air flow plenum may not have consistent air flow as the die rotates. The layflat controller can reduce layflat variation from this condition. You can see details on this issue in our August 2002 newsletter (pages 5 and 6).

D. R. Joseph actively pursues technology patents for blown film extrusion control systems and currently holds fifteen US and Canada patents with several patents pending for related technologies.

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