Layflat Width Control for non-IBC Extrusion Lines

The LF-Sizer layflat control system reduces runaway resin produced when layflat is oversized to compensate for gradual size loss common when no width control system is present. In addition, by attending to the width automatically, bubble drops (losing the bubble entirely because of a hole) are minimized resulting in up to 7% more production per month (based on an actual case study).

By measuring the bubble soon after the frost line, the system can achieve the proper bubble size quickly. The LF-Sizer control system is flexible and comes with the widest variety of configuration options available in the industry. The system can be used on small dies and large dies alike. 

Some of the configurable features include automatic startup, on-the-fly size changes, process alarms, bubble break output, statistical reporting and industry standard communication interfaces (including RS232 and Ethernet). Installation is quick and easy, no electrical terminations required. Standard compressed air of at least 70psi (~5 bar) is required. The three speed (fast inflate, slow inflate and deflate) pneumatic control box is separate from the control system electronics. This ensures the electronics are not exposed to wax and oils pulled from the bubble during deflation. A Sizing cage is beneficial but is NOT required.

For HDPE / MDPE high stalk bubbles, an optional add-on control feature for neck height control is available.  Click here to learn more about how it works and the benefits of automatically controlling neck height.

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With Flat Width Measurement

The standard LF-Sizer system comes standard with two layflat sensors with room for expansion to a total of four sensors. A four inch (100mm) color touch screen interface works well for both novice and experienced users. Novice users can run the system from only one screen while experienced users have access to trends, performance statistics and much more.

non-IBC Operator Paner

Optionally, a Kundig flat width bar can be directly integrated into the system. The flat width bar should be mounted near the winder so final film width is registered. With a single button press, the operator can calibrate the system to the final width produced at the winder. This eliminates guess and wait tactics required on competitive systems and provides absolute accuracy in measurement.

IS-IBC1 Control Panel with Auto Blower Balance

Statistics of operation are provided to confirm product is produced within required specifications.

Statistics Screen Povides Confirmation of Performance



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