Not All IBC Systems Are Created Equal

When investing in line performance, a critical component for success is the IBC system. Less comprehensive systems of lower quality do not deliver on improved production rates, layflat tolerance, bubble stability or ease of use. D.R. Joseph provides the highest quality system on the market - equally as important on a mono layer line as is on an 11-layer line.

The latest 3rd Generation IBC system from D.R. Joseph can improve production rates by 15 - 40% when adding IBC to a blown film line, and offers 8 - 15% improvement in production over competing IBC systems on the market. Rate and layflat tolerance (+/- 2 mm) improvements are achieved by automating the tough jobs with proprietary control algorithms and patented processes.  Beyond rate and width tolerance improvement, you can also expect:

  • Powerful technology that quickly makes your new operator nearly as good as your experienced operator
  • Flexibility to run the widest range of materials of any system on the market, from .3 mil to 100 mil, from HDPE to exotic materials
  • Remote service support leverages our expertise to your problem in a matter of minutes
  • Reliability in any environment around the world, flexible configurations, bullet proof components

The 3G IBC Control System is packed with automated features that make sense on the shop floor: boosting extrusion rates with elevated cooling capacity, maintaining layflat control for scrap reduction, bubble break recovery / detection; in short – automating and fine tuning the operations behind these objectives to perfection.

Expect More From Your IBC System!

Below is a look at some of the IBC features you can have (many of which are DRJ patented)!

Automatic Blower Balance (patented)
  • Balances flow rate of inlet/outlet blowers
  • Maintains balance as process conditions change
  • Reports airflow blocks/leaks

Value: Less operator intervention, consistent SOP

Automatic Layflat Control (patented)
  • “Set it and forget it” size changes and start-up
  • Measured via bubble diameter for faster response
  • Configurable layflat alarms

Value: Reduce waste of your most valuable resource: resin.  Also reduce out of spec material

Automatic Cage Control (patented)
  • Positions cage diameter to optimally achieve target

Value: Expedites size changes, consistent SOP

Automatic Valve Calibration (patented)
  • Automatically calibrates airflow control valve to any die – keeping the system running optimally
  • Includes comprehensive airflow diagnostics

Value: Keeps system running in “like new” operation

Bubble Break Detection
  • System detects if un recoverable bubble break has occurred
  • Can send a signal to extruders to stop, to prevent die drool in a line down situation

Value: Reduces downtime and equipment damage due to unnoticed die drool

Want even more from your IBC System?

Automatic Layflat Calibration

  • Final roll width measured by a flat width bar at the winder is automatically calibrated to the IBC system – thus accounting for film shrinkage and stretch as it makes its way down the tower.  Adds to the precision, reliability and safety of the system (read: no more tape measure injuries)!

Neck Height Control

  • Ensure a consistent dart impact strength with this feature: a dedicated sensor measures the flare on high stalk bubbles while the system regulates air ring speed or temperature to ensure consistent neck height.

Cage Height Management

  • Allows users to preselect various cage height positions (per running conditions of various jobs or even for line maintenance) and later send the cage to the predetermined height with the click of a button.

Data Logger

  • Log and export IBC process data in .csv format via built-in FTP.  By logging this data to a spreadsheet, or viewing via DRJ’s LogViewer program, users can track production and IBC process conditions to evaluate machine productivity, troubleshoot problems, validate SOP and supply customers with a second point of quality control.


  • Adds a second remote point of control for DRJ IBC Systems. Requires a PC based operation point, which then replicates the DRJ HMI controls for full remote capability.
3rd Generation Updates
D.R. Joseph has been producing and developing IBC Control Systems for over 30 years now, and over time there have been many improvements and customer driven solutions. For those who have older first and second generation systems, below is a look at what is new.

Touch Screen Control: Larger, Easier to Use

  • Knobs and switches have been replaced with full touch screen control.  New for 2020 is a larger 8” color touch screen.  The IBC HMI now is a single point of control for IBC, Blowers, Sizing Cage and flat width bar, if integrated.

Configurable Management Alert Beacon

  • This highly visible xenon lamp flashes based on a configurable set of parameters.  The parameters allow management to be alerted whenever the operator operates the system in a manner outside standard operating procedures (for instance, running the system in manual layflat control when the SOP requires running in automatic layflat control) or when there is an internal or external fault. 

Ducting Failure Detection

  • Air flow related issues make up more than 80% of the service calls that DRJ takes.  Restrictions in airflow can be related to a clog, a collapsed hose, dirty air filter or a leak in the ducting.  These sort of issues cause bubble instability, and are often overlooked by maintenance personnel.  The 3G IBC system will now detect and point users to the specific airflow path that is impeded. 

Auto Valve Calibration

  • Another maintenance issue that is often overlooked is the periodic calibration of the bladder valve. The system will now calibrate the valve as required without the operator having to make any special steps.  This eliminates the need for maintenance to manually adjust the system when there are subtle or significant changes to the die or air flow path.

Automated Assistants

  • The IBC system has installation requirements that are often overlooked by a less-experienced commissioning engineer. For instance, getting the layflat sensors in the proper position to handle all possible bubble sizes or setting up the bubble break detector distance or establishing the final blower ratio. We’ve added new features that assist or automate the process with guidance details so less time is spent getting these features properly commissioned.

Reverse Compatibility

  • Whenever we produce a new system, we do everything possible to protect our existing customers’ investment. The 3rd generation ISIBC1 is no exception. We’ve made the 3rd generation software so it can run on previously installed 32 bit systems. This means that adding automatic valve calibration only requires replacing the touch screen and installing electronic Magnehelics. Please note that 8 bit systems cannot be upgraded unless the 8 bit controller is replaced with our 32 bit controller.

Integration Enhancements

  • There is nothing more involved for the customer than to configure and validate data integration.  Regardless of the integration level, the IS-IBC1 system can support it.  Standard interface protocols are Modbus TCP over Ethernet and Modbus RTU over RS232 and a wide variety of industry standard protocols enabled through an optional protocol converters.  Each system has an Ethernet switch for integration and remote support.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Integration

  • This feature allows the IS-IBC1 to be fully integrated into any OEM extrusion line control system.
Support - Second to None
When you call, we pick up. IBC is our specialty, and we have seen it all in over 30 years of building and supporting IBC equipment. At DRJ, our service is a mark of pride that we believe sets us apart from other IBC suppliers, as we are in the unique position where our core focus is not distracted from by supporting a large spectrum of unrelated equipment. In short, when you buy DRJ, you also buy industry leading support that helps you keep your operation running smoothly.

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