D.R. Joseph Now Shipping New Dual Head Seal-Cut

Arlington, TX, February 4, 2016:  DR Joseph is excited to announce expanded capabilities recently added to the Seal-Cut, to now include 3-up machine direction sealing.

Previously limited to 2-up (1 seal per web) applications, the added seal head makes 3-up (2 seals per web) applications a reality.  The added seal head specifically suites applications where superior seal quality and reliability are needed to run 3 lanes from one web, and in doing so, guaranteeing precise lane width and seal strength that is not achievable with traditional hot knife systems.

The unit’s design and functionality remains largely the same, with the addition of a second, separately controlled seal head.  The touch screen controls introduced in late 2015 run Dual Head software which allows operators to adjust the seal temperature interdependent of each other, or together in unison, on the fly.

The non-driven spacer roller between seal-heads ensures that the center web is always of a specific, pre-determined width.  Alternate spacer widths are available to change the configuration upon request.

Learn more about what sets the Seal-Cut apart from traditional hot knife systems at http://drjosephinc.com/sealcut.html

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