Upgrade Corner

D. R. Joseph offers many upgrades to all 32 bit IS-IBC1 and 3GIBC1 systems currently operating in the field.

New Auto Layflat Calibration - Automatic Layflat Calibration is a new feature using a flat width bar to measure and correct for film stretch / shrinkage while also facilitating layflat calibration for DRJ Layflat Control Systems.

New eSn Layflat Sensors - The new eSn layflat sensors provide 50% more range and 20% less cost!

New Neck Height Control - Automatic Neck Height Control for HDPE / MDPE High Stalk Bubbles for improved / consistent film properties and production.

New Digital Ultrasonic Sensors - More power, easy to install and compatible with all systems. Click here to see the progression of bubble sensing systems provided by DRJ .

WinIBC Viewer - WinIBC allows a remote control point for the new 3rd Generation IBC and LF-Sizer systems..

New 32 Bit Processor - Many improvements over the old processor yet is designed to quickly upgrade any previous system.

PA340 Proportional Valve - 30% faster than the 2nd Generation BBH-series, provides easier startups, and is less expensive than the BBH series valves.

Color Touch Screen - New TFT technology provides the widest viewing angle possible with a brighter screen, double the memory and faster screen refresh time. Newly improved with the ability to switch between 5 different languages.

Automatic Blower Balance - Eliminates need for operators to balance or null blowers prior to every startup of the line. The system also automatically rebalances the blowers if needed.

Layflat Control - Adds a second control loop to the IBC system that reduces the time to achieve a desired layflat, with or without guessing.

Automatic Cage Control - Adds the ability for the system to automatically position the cage diameter to the correct size to produce the desired layflat

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