Internal Bubble Cooling Coils

Cooling coils are an important component in achieving the highest possible production rate from an internal bubble cooling (IBC) system. The inlet or supply air from the IBC supply blower passes through the cooling coil and is cooled to the temperature established by the chilled water supply. The chilled water supply comes from the plant chiller or an individual mini-chiller.

By chilling the inlet air temperature going to the IBC and air ring, an increase in production rate of 15-25% can be achieved when compared to using air that is at the ambient plant temperature. This benefit has added importance when the production occurs in climates where the ambient temperature varies a significant amount or where the summertime temperatures are very hot. Learn more from a preferred cooling coil vendor.

Cooling Coil / Chiller

Example of Cooling Coil / Chiller

Sizing Cooling Coils
Three-Way Valve
Condensate Drip Pans
A coil that is too large will not maintain a constant temperature and a coil that is too small will not achieve the desired cooling temperature at all. Other specifications include the inlet and outlet sizes (flanged or unflanged) and support leg length. DRJ provides complementary sizing services with each IBC system we sell and we also can supply the cooling coil with the system. The optional 3-way valve provides an easy control of the desired chilled air temperature by reducing or increasing the chiller water flow though the coil. Integrated condensate drop pans ensure that condensation is collected and funneled to one point. This eliminates water intrusion problems when a cooling coil is installed above electrical equipment.


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