Blown Film Extrusion Book

Great Training Library Resource!

  • 250 Pages of Blown Film Know-How
  • Over 200 drawings, photos and tables
  • How to identify and solve 17 different types of film quality problems AND 10 different types of bubble instability problems
  • Includes a complete guide to achieve all the proper settings.
  • Available in Spanish Version

Author's Comments:
"I have been on this career path for almost 25 years, and have now decided - not only professionally, but also privately - to share my experiences with those who work within this industry on a day-to-day basis.

My worldwide experience in blown film extrusion has made it clear to me that today's operator is lacking vital information. The information in this book would enable him to recognize and solve problems. Practical operator training is very educational and useful; however, not all problems can be solved during the instruction period. Working with the end product - film - brings these questions to light. This reference book with its straightforward concepts should also make it easier for the beginner to get a handle on the subject."

Topics Covered:
Chapter 1: What is a Blown Film Line and What Does it Consist of?
Chapter 2: Configuration of an Extrusion Line
Chapter 3: How to Use an Extrusion Line

                                  Blown Film Extrusion Problems Covered:

Bubble Instabilities
-Feed Sections
-Die Head
-Air Ring
-Without Internal Bubble Cooling
-With Internal Bubble Cooling
-Blow-Up Ratio
-Take-Off Units




Film Problems
-Film Distortion
-Melt Fracture
-Fish Eyes
-Rough Surfaces
-Edge Displacement
-Star Formation

-Heat-Up Phase
-Output Cooling Ratio
-Internal Bubble Cooling
-Temperature Optimization
-Collapsing Frame/Roll Types
-Winding Roll Types and Cutting Systems




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