A Practical Guide to Blown Film Troubleshooting

Great Training Library Resource!

This book is great as a company "How To" resource; particularly for those early in their careers.  It covers a very wide range of subjects; from polymer science to roll defects and everything in between.  The detailed table of contents makes finding a specific detail quick and easy.  The useful glossary helps with learning the blown film industry lingo and the troubleshooting guide is comprehensive.  The book is truly a practical guide to blown film troubleshooting.  Click here for more details and send us an email if you want to order your copy:  sales@drjosephinc.com.



About the Author:
Paul Waller is an Independent Sales Representative for D.R. Joseph products in Canada. He is a frequent presenter and trainer at conventions and professional functions. Mr. Waller has provided intensive in-house training to more than 1000 operators, techincians and engineers. He has taught blown film troubleshooting seminars on 5 continents.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Polymer Properties and Terminology
Chapter 2: Feeding Systems to Gearboxes
Chapter 3: Extruder Screws and Set-up
Chapter 4: Temperature Controllers to Screen Changers
Chapter 5: Blown Film Dies
Chapter 6: Bubble Cooling
Chapter 7: Bubble Collapsing
Chapter 8: Post Extrusion Operations
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting Techniques




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