D R Joseph 8 Bit IBC Controllers Approach End of Life
End of life sounds like a pretty dismal phrase, but in fact, it is how a company manages obsolete products or services that can no longer be supported economically or because replacement components are no longer available. As we have been providing IBC systems to the blown film industry for more than 20 years, the older 8 bit controllers are fast approaching end of life. Please note that the 32 bit controllers are not affected by this notice. Click here for brochure.
Managing Old Equipment

We all want controllers to run forever, but as with all electronics, there comes a point where you are risking excessive downtime by depending on a very old controller until it dies.  It is much better to know when the end of life will occur so you can plan the prudent upgrade in your budget.


Starting in 2003 we converted our entire product line over to the current 32 bit IS-IBC1 controller.  At that time, we also ceased production of the 8 bit controller (shown at right). Our goal has been to continue servicing the 8 bit controllers for up to 10 years after 2003 which takes us to 2013.

Exchange Program Maintains Spare Parts Availability

Since 8 bit controller hardware are no longer manufactured (which is a big reason we changed to the 32 bit controller), we only stock refurbished 8 bit hardware.  To maintain a stock of exchange parts, we provide all customers who do upgrade their 8 bit controller to a 32 bit controller with a $2000.00 credit when they return the 8 bit controller to us.  Exchanged controllers are put through an extensive diagnostic test sequence that identifies which boards can be repaired.  Repaired boards are retested and put into the exchange stock.  You know you are getting an exchange board when the suffix –EXCH appears at the end of the part number.  The warranty on exchange parts is 90 days instead of the normal 1 year.  AVAILABILITY OF EXCHANGED PARTS IS NOT GUARANTEED.

The exchange program will continue until 12/31/2012.  Actual 8 bit service support will continue until 5/31/2013. Each upgrade can only include one exchange.  Lastly, the boards sent back must not be physically damaged (cracked, dropped, etc.).  We encourage all our customers to consider upgrading to the new 3G IBC System.


Impact of a Product's End-Of-Life Status

After a product reaches the end-of-life date (in this case June 2013), the documentation will be moved to the Archive Section of the D R Joseph Service web site to allow customers to resolve issues with discontinued products.  However, when a product has reached its end of life, the following conditions apply:

  • DR Joseph will not fix defects. If customers report a defect which has been fixed in a later version of the product, they will be encouraged to upgrade to the later version.
  • No future minor or maintenance releases will be delivered.  The final versions are 1.12L6 for non-touch screen systems and 1.14Z8C for touch screen systems.
  • No workarounds will be investigated or provided by D R Joseph.
  • D R Joseph will no longer train it’s employees on how to support the discontinued product.


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