DRJ BLown Film Lab and Seminar Center

D.R. Joseph offers a convenient one stop solution for those interested in operational training and testing in blown film technology.

The DRJ Lab is a dedicated 800 square foot purpose built facility outfitted with state of the art equipment designed for research and development in blown film extrusion. At the center of the equipment available for lease in the lab is a 3 layer blown film line with many of the features found in a full scale line.  A host of offline QC equipment is available in the lab to validate film samples from the lab or the customer.

  • 50mm 3 Layer Die
  • Dual Lip Air Ring with Chilled Air
  • Oscillating Haul-Off
  • Web Guide
  • Surface Contact Winder
  • Automated nonIBC Width Control
  • DRJ Machine Direction Sealing
  • Kundig FE8 Width Bar
  • Gammatec Sizing Cage

Available DRJ Lab QC Equipment:

Coefficient of Friction Tester Drop Dart Impact Tester Elmendorf Tear Tester Haze-Gard Plus Tester Kundig Offline Thickness Measurement Leak and Seal Strength Tester Portable Spectrophotometer Tensile Peel Tester


Contact Us

Contact DRJ Labs to discuss renting the lab and QC facility by sending your inquiry to sales@drjosephinc.com.

For an up to date listing of upcoming events hosted at DRJ labs, consult the events page.

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