IS-IBC1® Non-contact IBC Control System (Patented)
What it does... The standard IS-IBC1 control system manages bubble stability, maintains proper bubble size and responds to size changes and recovers from holes in the bubble. The IS-IBC1 uses moving sensor technology that provides optimum signal strength for all bubble sizes. In addition, size changes are simply a matter of opening or closing the sizing cage.

The operator also has a cage contact adjustment that allows precise control of the pressure the film puts on the sizing cage. This allows the operator to ensure cage marks are eliminated from the finished product.
IBC controls the circulation of air inside the bubble
What is Included... The control system includes a main control panel with operator interface, high performance ultrasonic sensor(s), patented bladder valve for controlling the cooling air flow, all related pneumatics, mounting brackets and wiring. All wiring comes with quick connect military style connectors.
What is not Included... The system does not include blowers, variable speed drives, internal IBC hardware (see your die manufacturer for these parts), ducting, cooling coil or sizing cage. All these parts can be quoted with the system by D. R. Joseph, Inc.


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